RAISE OVER $30,000 FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION by distributing Basketball Slam Sweepstakes tickets included with Green Bee Savings Cards. Tickets are based on the Professional Sprint Cup series starting in February. Your organization distributes tickets printed with (4) four Sprint Cup drivers for each race. No two tickets have the same combination of drivers. CASH PRIZES ARE AWARDED based on the total number of points earned by your 4 drivers combined.

TICKETS: 24 Racecar Drivers are scrambled into combinations of 4 and are printed on tickets. Every ticket has four drivers which change each race. No two tickets have the same 4 teams for any given race. When drivers do not race or in case of race cancellations, previous weeks points will count. If the driver did not race the previous week, the driver will automatically be assigned 23 points.

WINNERS: The total number of points scored by each driver determines weekly winners. Winners are posted after each weekend. All prize money is paid out and all winners are from your set of tickets.

DATES: Tickets are valid for 5 weeks of the racing season. Dates are based on each race during the racing season. You can choose any 5 consecutive races throughout the season. All of your money is made by the first date on your tickets.

NUMBER OF TICKETS: You select the number of tickets for your fundraiser. You select 500, 1,000 up to 5,313 tickets. The more tickets you order the more money your organization can make!

PROGRAM FEATURES: Online automation is featured with each program. Online Results, Online Administration, User Registration, Website Integration, and Auto Population are provided. These features make doing the Racing Rally Sweepstakes easy and user friendly for everyone!

HOW DO WE MAKE MONEY?: Your organization sells Green Bee Discount cards for $10 or $20 each. The cards have the Racing Rally ticket attached. First, you sell enough cards to cover your total prizes. After you have raised your prize money, you make a profit of $6.00 for each card sold ($12 for a $20 ticket!) Sell all 5,313 cards you make a profit of $61,356! SEE THE PROFIT CHART ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

SPONSORS: You can add a Sponsor(s) to your tickets. This is an excellent way for lcoal businesses to advertise and support your organization. Sponsors can help cover your printing fee.

RESULTS: All scores are verified and visible during each game at www.racesweeps.com. Each 4 Driver combination is calculated on Mondays following the dates on the ticket. Ticket holders go to www.racesweeps.com to view results each week.

TICKET REGISTRATION: Ticket holders register their tickets by completely filling out the stub attached to the ticket. The ticket holder keeps the ticket and turns in the stub. All stubs are returned to Green Bee Fundraising at the completion of the selling period.

ORDER: To order fill out the ORDER FORM from a brochure and return to Green Bee via fax, mail, or e-mail. You also can order online by clicking here. You can personalize your tickets with a logo, mascot, and your choice of colors. Allow 7-10 business days for printing, processing, and delivery.