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It may only be June or maybe July when you read this, yet here at Green Bee Fundraising we are deep into the next season of the NFL. There are so many story lines to follow and players to watch in September that we just can not contain ourselves.

This year we have already started the football frenzy season printing thousands of tickets and shipping them all across the United States. Groups have already started distributing tickets and they have already seen the benefits of the Football Frenzy program. They know that it is never too early to start something as powerful as our fundraiser. You should also know that it is not to late to start your own fundraising program.

If you are lucky enough to receive a ticket, you will notice a few extra ways to stay in touch and find out if you won.

  • Integration with Facebook
  • Integration with Twitter
  • Email Alerts if you have won a prize or just want to know if the winners were posted
  • Facebook or Twitter status updates to share the good news with your friends

Make sure that when you visit www.footballsweeps.com that you do not do a Google or Yahoo search. If you do, We are always on top of the list. Do not be confused by pranks or hoaxes. If it does not say www.footballsweeps.com in your address bar you are not at the right website.

Good luck in 2013. We hope you are a winner and thanks for supporting your local organization.

Green Bee Fundraising


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